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  • Mission and Vision

    Our Mission:

    SOL as a forerunner is not only a Medical Gas Manufacturer but also, a supplier in Bangladesh. Hence, our purpose is simple, “Bring ease to our client’s lives”. And our mission statement is in perfect harmony to our purpose,

    • Our goal is to contribute to well being of people’s life through quality-ensured services, and by adopting & ensuring world class standards.
    • Our mission is to serve the people of Bangladesh by ensuring quality medical during their utmost need through advanced, yet effortless medical solutions.

    Our Vision:

    In line with our motto “Way Ahead Service & Solution”, our vision is to:

    • Provide the people of this country with the most hassle-free, globally adopted medical solutions at a highest quality.
    • Remain a prominent entity to serve both the public and private sector of the industry.
    • Strengthen our establishment throughout the country and beyond the border.