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    Who We Are

    Spectra Oxygen Limited (SOL) is a Medical Gas Manufacturer, first of its kind to launch and operate in Bangladesh. It is one of the concerns of Spectra Group.  Initiated in 2007, SOL has become a pioneer as the first local Medical Gas Manufacturer with its reliable and high-quality product & services in medical gas industry.

    SOL has revolutionized Bangladesh’s medical gas production industry as one of the largest local companies which is proficient enough to produce and supply all kinds of medical gases through a strategically planned and strong distribution network of 14 Depots and Production facilities nationwide.

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    SOL as a forerunner is not only a Medical Gas Manufacturer but also, a supplier in Bangladesh. Hence, our purpose is simple, “Bring ease to our client’s lives”. And our mission statement is in perfect harmony to our purpose,

    • Our goal is to contribute to well being of people’s life through quality-ensured services, and by adopting & ensuring world class standards.
    • Our mission is to serve the people of Bangladesh by ensuring quality medical during their utmost need through advanced, yet effortless medical solutions.


    In line with our motto “Way Ahead Service & Solution”, our vision is to:

    • Provide the people of this country with the most hassle-free, globally adopted medical solutions at a highest quality.
    • Remain a prominent entity to serve both the public and private sector of the industry.
    • Strengthen our establishment throughout the country and beyond the border.

    Engr. Khan Md. Aftabuddin is a graduate from one of the top Engineering institutes of Bangladesh, BUET. He always demonstrated great management acumen and instinctive inherent business understanding. He is the honourable Chairman of the Spectra Group and he is one of the founding members of Spectra Oxygen Limited.

    He is currently holding the position of Director in the Board of Directors of Spectra Oxygen Limited.

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    Engr. Khalid Hussain Khan, the Senior Vice Chairman of Spectra Group of Companies is an instinctive and innovative entrepreneur. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1989 from a leading engineering institute of the country, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), formerly Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT), Rajshahi. Engr. Khalid began contributing for the organization by joining SEL in 1989.

    He is one of the co-founders of Spectra International Limited and Spectra Oxygen Limited. Engr. Khalid led from the front to setup the country’s largest private sector Medical and Industrial Gas Manufacturing Plant through setting up Spectra Oxygen Limited (SOL) in 2009.

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    Spectra is one of the firstand the largest local Medical Gas manufacturer and supplier in this country. In the Medical Gas Division, SOL most commonly manufactures liquid & gaseous Oxygen, liquid & Gaseous Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. The gases are supplied in high-pressured cylinders to the medical facilities.In terms of medical gas we produce:
    • O2,
    • CO2
    • N2O and
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    After firmly establishing presence in the Medical sector, SOL recognized that most of the gases in the medical portfolio are also commonly used for industrial purposes.So, for industry purposes we manufacture and supply some of the most essential and every-day gases such as:
    • Liquid & gaseous Oxygen
    • Liquid & gaseous Carbon Dioxide
    • Liquid & gaseous Nitrogen
    • Liquid & gaseous Helium
    • Hydrogen gas
    • Argon gas and
    • Gas Mixture like Argocil. Read more….

    Our Market & Clients

    Excellence in performance and domain expertise have gained SOL a significant client base over the time, especially in the Government Sector. SOL has a total client base of more than 550 with predominance in government sector, but the private sector clientele is ever increasing.

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    Why Us

    Quality & Excellence:

    We strive for the highest standards in everything we do to gain superior result.

    Service to our customers:

    It is the central to our success. We respond to our customer’s expectation, execute in timely manner and use our individual professional judgments to achieve customer’s objective, all the while maintaining the highest standards.

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