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    Spectra began its steady journey in the Medical sector entering the domain of Medical Gas Pipe Line (MGPL) systems through the implementation of Government projects. This operation was carried forward by Spectra International Limited (SIL) since 1989. In the beginning, Spectra  faced many odds and ordeals for initial entry into the market. Gradually it successfully penetrated the market and deepened its long-lasting mark in this sector. Spectra envisaged a good prospect to embark on a new initiative to get involved in the Medical Gas Manufacturing Industry. Thus, eventually Spectra Oxygen Limited (SOL) came into existence.

    SOL was incorporated in 2007 and has been commercially operating since September 2009. It has already established itself as a dominant force in the sector with unparalleled expertise and quality assurance. SOL became the first largest private-sector manufacturer and supplier Medical and Industrial gases in the country. Currently, SOL under a contract with CMSD has been supplying Medical gases in all public hospitals and health complexes through its Country-wide fourteen Depot networks. Besides Spectra is a leading supplier of Medical and industrial gases to the private sector in the country.  Spectra has a proven chequered record of CSR Program in Rana Plaza, Savar tragedy, and to the public hospital currently treating Corona Virus affected Patients during the worst COVID-19 pandemic crisis in the country. Over the years, SOL has been recognized most outstanding industry in the field of Medical and Industrial Gases maintaining the highest quality assurance, reliability, thereby enjoying large Market Share.  Spectra under visionary and most able company leadership has proven itself as a household name among the gas users in the country.