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    In this difficult and crisis situation of the country, Spectra Oxygen Limited is providing seamless service all over Bangladesh. We are committed to ensuring the supply and service of Medical Oxygen to all hospitals of the country including Dhaka Medical. We are always endeavoring to ensure an adequate supply of Oxygen, as well as other medical gases.
    Spectra Oxygen Limited has introduced Nitrogen Purging in its service offering portfolio all over Bangladesh.  Delivering the service through skilled manpower and on time through own resources.

    What Is Nitrogen Purging:

    This industry-standard technique is the act of displacing any undesirable or hazardous atmosphere with an inert nitrogen atmosphere. If you work in an industry where the contamination of hazardous gases is possible, then nitrogen purging is an absolute necessity.

    Applications of Nitrogen :

    Nitrogen has many applications and depending on the industry, it can be used for a wide variety of tasks and objectives. A colorless and odorless gas, this element makes up around 78 percent of our atmosphere. Although commonly associated with our atmosphere, industrially produced nitrogen is used in several applications.