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    Spectra is one of the first and the largest local Medical Gas manufacturer and supplier in this country. In the Medical Gas Division, SOL most commonly manufactures liquid & gaseous Oxygen, liquid & Gaseous Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. The gases are supplied in high-pressured cylinders to the medical facilities. In terms of medical gas we produce

    • Medical Oxygen (O2),
    • Carbon Di-Oxide (CO2)
    • Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
    • Medical Compressed air Read more….


    After firmly establishing presence in the Medical sector, SOL recognized that most of the gases in the medical portfolio are also commonly used for industrial purposes. So, for industry purposes we manufacture and supply some of the most essential and every-day gases such as

    • Liquid & gaseous Oxygen
    • Liquid & gaseous Carbon Dioxide
    • Liquid & gaseous Nitrogen
    • Liquid & gaseous Helium
    • Hydrogen gas
    • Argon gas
    • Acetylene gas
    • Gas Mixture like Argocil. Read more….