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  • Why Us

    Core Values:

    Quality & Excellence We strive for the highest standards in everything we do to gain superior result.

    Service to our customers- It is the central to our success. We respond to our customer’s expectation, execute in timely manner and use our individual professional judgments to achieve customer’s objective, all the while maintaining the highest standards.


    Key Product & Service Attributes: (why is our product & service good?)

    Spectra has been operating as an entity since 1989 and through its journey, Spectra has gained immense experience in the Gas division of Bangladesh. The growth dynamics of Spectra over the years has been unequivocally phenomenal. However, to signify why exactly our products and services are unquestionably trust-worthy and reliable, a list of some key attributes has been laid out:

    Standard Production Process for Quality Control

    All the manufacturing and distribution bases of Spectra are fully in compliance with standard medical norms. It has its own in-house laboratory for testing the purity level of produced gases before they are transferred to the cylinders. These activities are monitored and controlled by a team of certified chemists round the clock. It also has its own cylinder testing facilities. Cylinders, either its own or supplied by customers are examined prior to transfer the gases.

    Safety and Security

    Safety and security is one of the top concerns of Spectra. We always try to ensure 100% safety and security concerning health of the people and employees. Handling of gas still remains a risky job despite all the precautionary measures and this is our core proficiency to keep it free from all kinds of hazards. To ensure that we maintain strict rules and regulations.

    Efficient Delivery

    Bearing in mind of the grave importance of our products and how life-altering they can be, spectra always remains committed to time management. With a devoted team of professionals who respond to every call from every corner.  We believe in fast and on-time delivery and Spectra with its own delivery van guarantees delivery without delay. Our service deliveries are kept open 24/7 for our customers.

    Reliable Infrastructure

    To support our mission and vision, SOL has built a sustainable and reliable infrastructure all over Bangladesh. So that people who are in need fromany corner of the country can get benefit from our services.

    Highly Motivated, And Skilled Professionals

    SOL has a pool of highly motivated and skill professionals including technicians, engineers, managers, factory staffs, etc. to maintain its standard in production and services. The employees ensure there’s accountability and maintenance of core values of the company throughout their work-life in SOL.