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    Spectra began its journey in the Medical sector through its operation in Medical Gas Pipe Line (MGPL) system as a Government project. The operation was carried out by Spectra International Limited (SIL) in 1989. As it successfully penetrated the market and deepened its mark in this sector despite all the tough barriers to entry, Spectra saw an opportunity to embark on a new initiative to be involved in the medical gas manufacturing Industry. Thus, the Spectra Oxygen Limited (SOL) came into being.
    SOL was incorporated in 2007 and has been operating since 2009. It has already established itself as a dominant force in the sector with unparalleled expertise and quality assurance, SOL became the very first local manufacturer and supplier of Medical gases in both Government and Private Sector. Till today, it remains a forerunner as a local company in the Medical Gas Production sector and maintains its grasp of a significant market share. Initiated in 2007, SOL has become a pioneer as the first local Medical Gas Manufacturer with its innovative, high-standard product and services in medical gas industry.
    SOL has revolutionized Bangladesh’s medical gas production industry as one of the largest local companies which is proficient enough to produce and supply all kinds of medical gases through a strategically planned and robust distribution network of 14 Depots and Manufacturing facilities nationwide.