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    The services provided by SOL  are listed below:

    1. Cylinder selling: SOL produces medical and industrial gases and sell the gas in high-pressured cylinders in various parts of the nation.
    2. Cylinder rental: You can rent cylinders in case you do not want to own or buy a cylinder. This service is particularly useful if you have any association with sunk cost or your need is limited. In that case, we would be happy to supply the rented cylinder to you.
    3. Cylinder testing: We test for pressure and for integrity. We have labs for testing for Quality and safety in the factory. This is a service we provide to maintain our quality of services.
    4. Cylinder servicing & maintenance: We replace parts of cylinder whenever clients require them to be changed. We also do flashing.
    5. Cylinder Delivery: customer can choose a pickup depot or we have our designated spots from where, the customers can get the cylinders supplied, intact and unscathed. The products both in gas and liquid form are supplied via our own transport tankers from our factory to different depots in cylinders to be delivered to our valued customers, namely the public hospitals, private hospitals and industrial clients.
    6. Cylinder accessories: SOL also sells some major cylinder accessories they are given below:
    7. Nitrogen Purging: Spectra Oxygen Limited has introduced Nitrogen Purging in its service offering portfolio all over Bangladesh.  Delivering the service through skilled manpower and in timely manner through own resources.